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 HEPATITIS C & OTHER VIRAL SYNDROMES In 1997 I began recommending Lomatium dissectum extracts to my patients with Hepatitis C, and was excited to note that a majority of the people using it regularly, as part of a program, had dramatic reductions in viral counts. Many experienced improvements in energy. Since then I have recommended it for other viral syndromes, upper respiratory illness and sinusitis with good results. It seems to be helpful both by itself and in combination with other herbs, depending on the condition. Cheri Quincy, DO Internal Medicine Santa Rosa Medical Group INFLUENZA • CHRONIC FATIGUE • HIV Herbalist Michael Moore, in his book, "Medicinal Plants of the Pacific West", (Red Crane Books 1993), notes that Lomatium “definitely helps simple head colds and shortens the duration of overt influenza viral infections." It also seems to be helpful in "limiting the severity and number of respiratory infections in those with slow viruses…” (the chronic fatigue genre). He suggests the possibility of trying it with HIV infections, again due to its ability to improve general resistance to respiratory infections. Naturopaths, Michael T. Murray, N.D., and Joseph E. Pizzorno, N.D., in their classic Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine, (Prima Publishing, 1991) consider Lomatium dissectum and Ligusticum porteri (a plant from the Southwestern US commonly called Osha) together. In their chapter on Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS), the authors consider that “….. Empirical experience with virus-associated diseases strongly recommends serious consideration of these plants as elements of a protocol for virus-associated acquired immune deficiency.” INFLUENZA EPIDEMIC In 1920, Dr. Ernst Krebs of Carson City, Nevada, reported on his use of Lomatium dissectum, then called Leptotaenia, during the epidemic of 1918. He observed that the nearby Washoe tribe had not a single death from influenza or its complications. He then made a preparation of this plant medicine for treating his patients with influenza, from the mildest to the most virulent cases. He states that he found Lomatium dissectum to be the nearest approach then available as a specific in epidemic influenza and the accompanying pneumonia. His complete report is copied under "History" here in our website, and it is worthwhile reading for it's complete description of how this herbal medicine works in the body.