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TESTIMONIALS PLEASE WRITE: We are very interested to hear from anyone using our new extract of Lomatium dissectum root. Please tell us your specific condition, and the products’ usefulness, side effects, and how long you have used the product. We welcome your comments. Please send them to Barbara at: mtn.oaks@wildblue.net Reversed My Chronic COPD Starting in 1995 I began to have lung problems and would get lung infections every week or two. I went through all test the Doctors could come up with,including lung stress tests. In the end they said they could find nothing wrong with me. I ask them if there are and fungus, virus, or parisites that could effect my lungs and I was told that there where none by the Lung specialist. Being from Utah I knew this was not true, we had an outbreak of Haunta Virus that attacks the lungs, There is a fungal Valley fever, etc. For a number of years every time the children or grand children would bring some illness home my lung would fill up with fluid and I would be gurgaling. After a week or 2 of this the doctor would finaly give me an antibiotic to cure what ever I had. This went on for years till about 2005. I found out about Lomatium Dissectum from an artical wrote by Mark Stanger N. D. which made me curious because I was trying to find an Anti-Viral for my wifes condition. She took Lomatium and Oregon grape extract 3 times a day for 3 month. One day I got up and she was cleaning the blinds (before this she could hardly get out of bed) All she said was don't say a thing. About this time I had another bout with lung infection so I decided to try the combination of Lomatium and Oregon grape extracts. I took the combination (it covers Anti-Viral, Anti-Biotic, Anti-Fungal) 1 ml each, every 4 hours with grapfuit juice. After 16 hour the fever broke and I continued taking this combination every 6 hours for 2 days. After 2 days I started coughing up brown chunks out of my lungs this went on for 3 week (almost as bad as whooping cough). I got my lung capacity back after a few months. The year is now 2009, I have not been sick since 2005, anytime I feel like a sore throat I take this combination and it goes away. Many people that have COPD could be helped by Lomatium and Oregon grape combination just as I was. —Mark C. St. George, Ut. St. George Nano Silver 453-652-9012 SAVED MY TONSILS & MY JOB. I am genetically predisposed becoming infected with tonsillitis and strep throat. My doctor said that I am a carrier, and that I will continue to have tonsillitis/strep many times a year for the rest of my life. I normally am infected with one of these two illnesses once or twice a month, but lately they have been lingering much longer than normal and occurring more frequently. My doctor was sending me for blood tests because he felt the cause may be Epstein-Barr. I had only one option: getting my tonsils removed which may or may not help me with the problem. Being as sick as I was, my job as a teacher was hanging by a thread and so was my social life (and I am only 23). Out of desperation, I stumbled across Lomatium.com and its products while hoping to find some kind of supplement that might help me. I read about how Lomatium extract is antibacterial and antiviral. I also read some of the history and testimonials about this product- and decided it was worth a shot. I bought one bottle of the Lomatium extract in alcohol. I made small cups of tea with the extract and honey and took it before every meal. I went for my pre-operation blood test(keep in mind that I had only been taking Lomatium for four days). My doctor called me in the middle of the night two days later telling me that somehow there were no signs of strep or tonsillitis in my system. I had a clean bill of health. I opted out of the surgery. Now whenever I feel that a sore throat is coming on, I make some Lomatium tea and it is gone within a day. Thank you for saving my job and my tonsils thank you too! —Thomas Frank Elementary Teacher NJ HEPATITIS-C FROM A BLOOD TRANSFUSION PLEASE NOTE: The following testimonial came to us via Dr. Jeannette Gallagher, a Naturopathic Doctor in Scottsdale, Arizona. Dr. Gallagher designed an intensive treatment program for this individual containing many herbs. Lomatium was an important component, but one herb alone was not responsible for such a marvelous recovery. The importance of guidance by an experienced health care professional cannot be understated. THANK YOU FOR THE PRODUCT Dear Lomatium.com, I want to thank you for your product. I know that it has truly helped my husband immensely. He is 31 years old and was in a severe motorcycle accident about 5 years ago. He lost his leg, was in the hospital for months, and received a blood transfusion. We feel certain that it was at this point that he contracted Hep C. His labs showed an increased viral load of acute Hepatitis. He has not been well since, and we just recently found Dr. Gallagher who is changing his life. She introduced us to the Lomatium. He took heavy doses of the tincture and the dry herb caps. After about four months of treatment, his recent labs showed no signs of having any Hepatitis Virus at all in his blood. Thank you for your excellent product that eliminated the Hep C. —JJ. & E Mulleneaux Gilbert, AZ" HEPATITIS C TESTIMONIAL I found that I had Hepatitis C in 1994 when donating blood and my doctor confirmed this. At the time Interferon therapy was too expensive, so I just let it go. After a few years I began feeling not well and had aching bones and muscles, and had low energy. I happened to meet an apprentice medicine man in 1999 who gave me some yellow powder to take; he said it might help my condition. I took a #4 gelatin capsule (large end full, not packed) morning and evening with water. He also said I should take Milk Thistle (Silimarin) which I did at the recommended dosage on the bottle. After three week I began to feel better with no aches and pains as before. After six months a viral load test showed that I was clear of the virus. The only side effect noted was that I did not get the flu or colds. The yellow powder is an extract of Indian Carrot; the medicine man said it was used by the Native Americans for colds, flu and several other things. This powder is now being sold by Lomatium.com in capsules. My medicine man says it is the same stuff he gave me and it has helped several other people with the same condition. I used about 30 grams over the six months period of time.* —David Evans *Over the six months of treatment, David used 30 grams of a concentrated powder. [This now equates with 3 bottles (of 120 capsules each) of the Indian Carrot (Lomatium dissectum) sold by Lomatium.com.] DR. CHERI QUINCY WRITES TO US: "In 1997, I began recommending Lomatium dissectum extracts to my patients with Hepatitis C, and was excited to note that a majority of the people using it regularly, as part of a program, had dramatic reductions in viral counts. Many experienced improvements in energy. Since then I have recommended it for other viral syndromes, upper respiratory illness and sinusitis with good results. It seems to be helpful both by itself and in combination with other herbs, depending on the condition." —Cheri Quincy, DO Internal Medicine Santa Rosa Medical Group MYSTERIOUS UPPER RESPIRATORY INFECTION NOTE: Balsamea Fluid is the tincture of Lomatium dissectum in water. Indian Balsam Capsules are Lomatium dissectum powdered root extract Joe Brown was involved in developing these products. -BL, Lomatium.com BALSAMEA FLUID (INDIAN BALSAM CAPSULES) Dear Mr. Brown: Early in the winter of 97/98, I came down with what I thought to be a rather bad case of the flu. I became very congested in my lungs and completely lost my voice. I went to the doctor and was given antibiotics. After a short while, the symptoms cleared up although I really didn't feel very well. A few weeks later, the same thing occurred again except this time I got some fluid buildup in my lungs. Again, after a short while, the symptoms cleared up. This began a regular cycle and with each cycle, my illness became a little worse. Finally, I was going to hospital once a week to have fluid removed from my lungs and my lungs sprayed with something that would temporarily "dry" them up. The cycle began to quicken and the doctors were running all kinds of tests to see what was wrong. I'm not a smoker so complications due to smoking was not a factor but I was tested for lung cancer and T.B. but these were ruled out, fortunately. They finally found I had some kind of viral infection although they didn't know exactly what kind. Massive doses of antibiotics were the order of the day although they were having no effect that I could ascertain. After a week in hospital, I felt better but they still didn't know how to cure the problem and I felt I would eventually die from whatever had infected my lungs. From hospital, I called your brother Jay who is a business associate. He said he would call you to see if you had any recommendations. And the rest, as they say, is history. You sent me Balsamea Fluid for my upper respiratory tract and Indian Balsam Capsules for my lower tracts. In initially took both as instructed but eventually just the Balsamea Fluid. The results were immediate and very positive. I never had to return to the hospital or see another doctor. Whatever I had, it's gone and I feel fine. However, I would be remiss if I didn't tell you that it has to be the worse tasting stuff I've ever taken. (But it's worth it) A footnote: After I quit taking it, I put the Balsamea Fluid in the freezer. I had no idea if it would lose its potency or not. After it had been stored in "cold storage" for some time, my wife came down with the same thing I had. I got the Balsamea Fluid out of the freezer, thawed it, she took it and it knocked her illness in short order. I still don't know what I had, I don't know what Balsamea Fluid is but I wish to thank you for it as it probably saved my life and perhaps that my wife as well. Sincerely, Richard F. Hoe London, England DIAGNOSED WITH HEPATITIS C My husband was diagnosed with Hepatitis C in 1998 when he was trying to get insurance. We had high premiums or no insurance. About 4 years ago I was told about lomatium and its properties. I bought some tincture and some root which I made tincture with. My husband took it for about 2 1/2 years than stopped. A couple of months ago he had a physical at VA clinic. They ran blood tests and he is Hep C free. Insurance gave him an A+ rating for health. Thank you for your hard work! —Nan Gonzales HAVE BEEN USING YOUR PRODUCT FOR ABOUT A YEAR Dear Barbara, I have used your Lomatium product (in glycerin) for about a year. I would take it as needed when I experienced stomach nausea from possible food poisoning and chest colds. I hardly ever get very sick; however, yesterday, I had the worst onset of flu like symptoms. All day at work I was fighting chills, fever, muscle aches, extreme fatigue, etc. I felt like a zombie and slept during my breaks/ lunch. I'm grateful my job requires me to sit all day. Otherwise, I would not have made it my entire shift. When I got home after my shift, I took my temperature. Sure enough, I had a fever of 102. Above all other medicines, I reached for my Lomatium and took a larger dose than usual given the severity of my condition. I told myself that if my fever continued, I'd go to the doctor. Although, I knew that if they diagnosed me with the flu, they would have prescribed Tamiflu (anti-viral). I knew your Lomatium was just as good if not better (no synthetic materials/ additives). Well, between Lomatium and much prayer, my fever broke by morning. I'm still a bit achy but not paralyzed from fatigue stemming more than likely from a virus. My cough is also much improved. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you the good news and say thank you for your hard-work creating such a wonderful product. The Lord created the plant for a reason, and you harnessed that reason to do good for others. I appreciate you and pray you have a wonderful weekend! Grateful and Faithful Customer, —Lauren BAD CASE OF FLU I have been using Lomatium in my home since December of 2017. Our first experience was when my husband had a bad case of flu, that would not subside. After several days of using lomatium, he recovered quickly! Then, one of my children developed strep throat, and as we do not like to use antibiotics unnecessarily, I again turned to the lomatium. I used a mixture of lomatium, grapefruit seed extract, and honey. She drank it three times a day, and the strep was gone in 4 days! My latest opportunity to use this amazing herb, was during a bout of thrush I developed while nursing my 5 month old. In the past, I have had to resort to using heavy duty prescription antifungals, but I was worried that my body may be building up a resistance to them as I suffer from systemic candida. I decided to try the lomatium 2 a day with grapefruit seed extract along with vinegar rinses. No doctor, no prescription, just natural home care with the help of Mountain Oak Herbs! —Abby